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Our Commitment to the Community

Further to our commitment to giving back to the community, The Long Firm, LLP is proud to support a number of charities and educational efforts which reflect the idea that each one of us should strive to leave this earth having made it a better place than when we found it. Over the years we have been fortunate to be in a position to support The United Way Foundation, The Erie County Bar Foundation, Catholic Charities, The American Heart Association, The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, various retuning veterans support efforts, organizations supporting women and children affected by domestic violence, groups raising awareness and support for children and teens overcoming drug addiction and efforts to mentor and encourage students in the inner city to aspire and gain access to careers in the legal profession. November 2012:
Bill Long Instrumental in Development of Bennett High School Youth Court

June 2012:
The Long Firm's Flag Flies Over Mt. Kilimanjaro

June 2012:
The Long Firm's Christine Jewitt Elected Director of IWOB

May 2012:
Christine Chairs Annual Fashion Show

Spring 2012:
The Long Firm Supports Erie 1 Boces Students

February 2012:
Bill Long Joins the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood

January 2011:
The Long Firm Provides Free Legal Service to the Kathleen Mary House

January 2010:
The Long Firm Supports Lawyers for Learning

July 2009:
The Long Firm Sponsors Kids Escaping Drugs

January 2009:
The Long Firm Primary Sponsor of Kids Escaping Drugs SkiScape


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